The Reiss Motivation Profile® in the context of work

Rapid changes are shaping our dynamic world and companies. Two influences are of particular importance: Globalization has changed our world, interconnecting it in new ways and adding enormous complexity. Added to this is digitalization, which has contributed to the dynamism of the economy and the world.


If you are a consultant/trainer/coach, the RMP offers you perspectives that no other instrument provides in this differentiation.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to choosing a profession or more precisely, a career.


The key lies in the personality of the sales staff. A salesperson who lives and works according to his or her individual and intrinsic motives will pursue his or her sales activities in a way that suits him or her.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® is an essential tool in getting to know oneself and one's own effectiveness as a leader, for example.

Project Management

It is not enough to professionalize a project process with tools and methods. The success of projects depends largely on people.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® offers not only an effective but also time-saving instrument for good teamwork.


The RMP provides an essential complement to ensure that job-related behavior actually matches the individuality and personality of the candidate.

Disruptive developments in the workplace

Our ever more complex world is increasingly challenging people in our companies to find structures in which collaboration is possible quickly, flexibly and effectively. The structures in which we will work togetherin the future will probably be different from the command and control pyramids we are used to. Agile transformation is on the minds of more or less every organization that competes internationally in a global world. New Work has found its way into many companies, at least as a buzzword, and Generations X and Y also present us with the challenge of creating new framework conditions in which these generations want to engage. In addition, in many industries there are hardly any qualified personnel available to the extent required. Accordingly, management positions are difficult to fill and responsibility is increasingly being transferred to the level of entire teams. This is to ensure that people -by connecting in a useful way -make smart decisions and may be more willing to work in companies that allow them to develop, evolve and contribute -whether they are experts or project leaders.

All these developments carry the enormous potential to create new working worlds and realities in which people can actuallywork according to their potential and be appreciated for it.

New challenges for communication and conflict management

Wherever collaboration takes place, it is necessary to look at the increasing importance of communication and conflict management. New ways of working not only open up opportunities for development, but often also new areas of conflict, which -without the help of hierarchical decision-makers -come to us in a new structure. We can already observe that organizations whose teams do not have a stringent communication structure get bogged down in misunderstandings that are often difficult to resolve. Good collaboration between different people, teamsand project members -often across several continents -often sounds more exciting in theory than actual practice reveals. Nevertheless, we have to be prepared for the fact that the networking we enable on a small scale on the basis of the teams must also take place in a broader environment.

Whenever people come together with people, the issue of personality strikes mercilessly. Whether in intercultural contexts, where the cultural rules of the game also make mutual understanding difficult, or in a regional environment, where a mix of different working models increasingly makes mutual encounters no less challenging, this must be taken into account.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is particularly well suited as an instrument for self-reflection on one's own patterns of action, drive and motivation.

There is no professional field of application in which people work together and the Reiss Motivation Profile®would not be helpful. Whether in project management, leadership, (project team) cooperation, in sales, in the design of change processes, in recruiting, etc.: we are dealing with peopleand they have to ensure that they cooperate with others in order to achieve goals together. The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a catalyst here, as it were, acting as a learning accelerator to provide insights that will save us many extra loops. A powerful tool for all teams in the company.

It can be used wherever one's own behaviors and their underlying life motivesare an important topic -wherever it is important to understand one's own behavior patterns, but also those of other people, in order to facilitate good cooperation and relationships.

In addition to examining one's own motivators, it often proves very helpful to realize that other people do not motivate you in the same way as you do, but that they make an equally important contribution to joint success.

Reiss Motivation Profile®

The Reiss Motivation Profile® - dare to look beneath the surface of human behavior patterns with this personality test.

What is intrinsic motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is the inner motivation of each person that arises from him or herself.

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