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Discover your true needs with the Reiss Motivation Profile® - A guide for more self-determination and a fulfilled life in the 2nd half of life

Sometimes in midlife it can feel like everything stays the same and you're stuck in midlife crisis. Despite professional success and material goods, you feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Work and private life seem to be mutually exclusive and you have the feeling that you have only sacrificed yourself for others in recent years.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the ideal personality test to identify deeper needs and to plan concrete steps for a work-life balance and a fulfilled life in the 2nd half of life. It supports regaining control over one's own life and making decisions that promote one's own well-being.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® offers the possibility to identify your life motives, which may have been unknown to you so far. It supports you in planning your life and deciding what is really important for you and how you can achieve your goals.

Invest in yourself and your well-being now! With the Reiss Motivation Profile® you can achieve your self-determination and your fulfilled life in the 2nd half of life.

Frequently asked questions

In psychology, we basically distinguish between different forms of tests. The Reiss Motivation Profile® falls into the category of personality tests. Personality is described and represented by the Reiss Motivation Profile® in a certain way. The description methodology chosen here is that there are 16 different life motives. These are parts of our individuality and personality that we all carry within us. The Reiss Motivation Profile® diagnoses these and measures them in their intensity and strength.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a psychological test developed and calculated on the basis of a factor analysis.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® measures 16 different life motives that we all carry in our personality. The life motives cause us to do or not do a certain thing.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® meets all common requirements for psychological tests: validity, objectivity and reliability.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® differs from many other personality tests on the market. It takes a look at the entire human personality and not just at sub-areas. It shows all facets of our individuality expressed through life motives, diagnoses them and measures their expression.

The results of the Reiss Motivation Profile® represent a picture of our individuality and personality based on 16 life motives that we carry within us. It measures the intensity of the individual life motives and leads in sum to a multi-layered picture of our personality. The result is an individual profile for each person. The different intensities of the life motives result in an unbelievable variety. Thus, each profile resembles an individual fingerprint, which shows what makes up our personality and which inner drivers we have.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a psychological test that is actively completed by each person themselves. As with any self-test, answering the test questions incorrectly can falsify the results. However, if one takes the questions seriously and does not want to cheat oneself, the Reiss Motivation Profile® leads to very valid and reliable results.


I've always been a pretty ambitious person. By my mid-20s, I had my MBA in the bag and was determined to conquer the world. But then, over the years, ... "Why am I doing all this?". I wondered what was to come in my life. Nothing seemed important or meaningful to me anymore. I tried everything possible to get out of this slump. Then I found motorcycling. It was the freedom I was looking for - freedom from everyday life and conventions. The insights from the Reiss Motivation Profile changed a lot for me. Since then, I'm much happier and feel like I've finally found my place in the world.


I was approaching my 50th birthday and felt like I was at a dead end. I had a good job, but I was unhappy. My children were out of the house, and I felt empty and unfulfilled. I knew I had to change something, so I decided to take the Reiss Motivation Profile Test. This is a questionnaire that helps you figure out what really motivates you. When I saw the results, I was surprised: I wanted self-determination and fulfillment. I quit my job and started looking for something new. It was difficult, but I finally found the perfect freelance job. Finally, I feel fulfilled and have found meaning in my life!


I have always dreamed of becoming a successful businessman. So, when I got the chance to start my own business, I grabbed it with both hands. I worked hard and was soon able to get some big clients for myself. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. But at some point, I realized that something was missing. Although I was successful professionally, I felt empty and unhappy inside. I realized that I no longer saw the point in what I was doing. So I went in search of something new. And finally I found it: a task that really fulfilled me and made me happy. With the answers from the Reiss Motivation Profile® I finally know again why I live - and the feeling is indescribable!

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