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A secure future that gives us orientation, that has sustainability in focus, is what we need to shape in a meaningful way


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My future is uncertain

How ignorant can people actually be? So ignorant that they ruin the world with their insatiability, arrogance and selfishness? Seriously? Yes, seriously. For years, those I trusted - my entire generation trusted - have looked the other way: Our parents, grandparents, politicians, and last but not least all the decision makers of the global corporations. Driven by profit, they exploit people and nature in order to suppress their own senselessness with a bad crime scene in the evening.

You are the adults!

It's really nice how you all thought only of yourselves! And who has to fix it? Us! You should be ashamed that we have to skip school on Fridays so that something finally happens! But no, instead you are still fighting against it! Be comfortable and zero willing to change or see something. "The A49 is politically decided - there is nothing more you can do". "The Hambach Forest is allocated to RWE for charcoal mining, don't give a shit who fell from the tree there". Not wanting to "disfigure" the roof with photovoltaics and only finding wind turbines good if they are far away. Say, are you still there?

Don't you realize it's almost 12?

How can I not be fatalistic in this world? What can I hope for in the future? Every time I stand at the supermarket checkout and again someone has put the 1€ chicken wings on the conveyor belt in front of me, a part of my hope dies. The hope that we can still save the world. The hope for the future. Let's face it: Even the best grades don't protect me from natural disasters. And anyway: Living to work, like my parents do, is so over.

What am I supposed to do with this life?

Why should I make an effort? Why should I plan something when everything is uncertain anyway? And then these many possibilities, behind which often only the same old power systems hide. Have you bought yellow jam lately? Just because there are cute bees and little flowers printed on it, the whole thing is far from sustainable and far from healthy. And who jumps right on it? My mother, of course. How proudly she held out the jar to me - so cringe.

How do I take my future into my own hands?

Who can I look to for guidance? Certainly not my parents. I want to live differently, more sustainably, more meaningfully. I don't just want to talk about individuality, I want to take a serious look at myself. Who am I actually? What are my strengths, where are my weaknesses? Only in this way can I actively take my future into my own hands instead of being exposed to it haphazardly. I want to take responsibility for myself, with all the consequences, and in return I finally get some orientation. What do I have to lose?

Ciao fear of the future, now it's time to live!

Frequently asked questions

In psychology, we basically distinguish between different forms of tests. The Reiss Motivation Profile® falls into the category of personality tests. Personality is described and represented by the Reiss Motivation Profile® in a certain way. The description methodology chosen here is that there are 16 different life motives. These are parts of our individuality and personality that we all carry within us. The Reiss Motivation Profile® diagnoses these and measures them in their intensity and strength.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a psychological test developed and calculated on the basis of a factor analysis.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® measures 16 different life motives that we all carry in our personality. The life motives cause us to do or not do a certain thing.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® meets all common requirements for psychological tests: validity, objectivity and reliability.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® differs from many other personality tests on the market. It takes a look at the entire human personality and not just at sub-areas. It shows all facets of our individuality expressed through life motives, diagnoses them and measures their expression.

The results of the Reiss Motivation Profile® represent a picture of our individuality and personality based on 16 life motives that we carry within us. It measures the intensity of the individual life motives and leads in sum to a multi-layered picture of our personality. The result is an individual profile for each person. The different intensities of the life motives result in an unbelievable variety. Thus, each profile resembles an individual fingerprint, which shows what makes up our personality and which inner drivers we have.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a psychological test that is actively completed by each person themselves. As with any self-test, answering the test questions incorrectly can falsify the results. However, if one takes the questions seriously and does not want to cheat oneself, the Reiss Motivation Profile® leads to very valid and reliable results.

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