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Sport is not just about strength and endurance. Sport is also a matter of the mind. The major federations and clubs have now also recognized this and are therefore investing more and more in mental training and personality counseling. The Reiss Motivation Profile® helps coaches to work with the personality structures of athletes and athletes in their personal development.


In team sports in particular, coaches are constantly faced with the question: How do I put my teamtogether in the best possible way? Which personalities fit together best and which block each other in active teamwork? But today, individual athletes are also tested for their individual motives and developed further. In addition to the greater prospect of success, the Reiss Motivation Profile®in sports also helps to better understand and assess each other.

Successful in team sports

Optimal team composition means not only creating a perfect interplay of skills and abilities, but also a mix of well-matched personality structures. It is becoming more and more common in many team sports to have a team change during the game, which is absolutely necessary.Based on the individual personalities on the court, the RMP can be used to extract essential insights and to check at which point in the game's course and at which score level which player is best positioned to achieve the best possible effect.

Successful coaching

Another area of application of the Reiss Motivation Profile® in sports is the personal relationship between coach and individual athlete. Today we know that the unconditional orientation towards the individuality of the athlete is an essential prerequisite for sporting success. An optimal basis is created to accompany and support a person in such a way that it corresponds to his or her personality and that he or she can ultimately deliver his or her top athletic performance.

Successfully promote

In many sports there is the possibility to specialize in one area, for example skiing. Many people start this at a young age. However, most skiers do not yet know whether they will become slalom skiers or downhill skiers in the future -in skiing in general, specialization is becoming increasingly late. However, with the help of the Reiss Motivation Profile®, it is possible to recognize relatively early on in which of the two directions they would be better off. And this is exactly where an experienced trainer is needed. After all, these insights can also be drawn from any other sport.

If now many things may seem to apply to professional sports, we can only note one thing clearly. It is not only in popular sports that incredible sums of money are invested and revitalize an entire industry. It is the many millions of people who raise their sporting ambitions to sometimes very professional levels. But regardless of the individual league, the RMP helps to develop and shape your own performance.

Recognizing and understanding your own personality with the Reiss Motivation Profile® online


The Reiss Motivation Profile®sheds light on the 16 life motivesthat determine our lives. They are deeply rooted in each of us and provide information about what drives and motivates us at our core.

  • Who am I?
  • What distinguishes my personality?
  • Why am I the way I am?
  • Why do I react like this in certain situations?
  • Why are some things so important to me and others not?

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What is intrinsic motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is the inner motivation of each person that arises from him or herself.

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