Honor is the basic desire for upright character. It motivates people to embrace moral codes of conduct. Satisfaction of this desire produces feelings of loyalty, whereas frustration produces feelings of guilt and shame.

Honor motivates loyalty to one’s parents and clan. It motivates pride in ethnic heritage. By embracing the moral code of our parents, we honor them. We also honor our parents by embracing their religious denomination and making it our own.

People with a STRONG BASIC DESIRE FOR HONOR are righteous.  They may be focused on issues of character, morality, and principle. They may be loyal to their ethnic group and parents. Personality traits that may describe them include dependable, genuine, honest, loyal, principled, sanctimonious, scrupulous, sincere, steadfast, trustworthy, truthful, and upright.

People with a WEAK BASIC DESIRE FOR HONOR are expedient. They are inclined to do whatever it takes to get an important job done. Personality traits that describe them include expedient and opportunistic.      

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