Saving is the basic desire to collect things. People collect many different objects including antiques, art, autographs, automobiles, books, clothes, coins, firearms, furniture, jewelry, magazines, military memorabilia, music, photographs, religious relics, sports memorabilia, stamps, tools, and toys.Satisfaction of this desire produces the pride of ownership, while frustration produces worrying about being unprepared.

This basic desire is correlated to the tendency to save or spend money, but it does not measure this tendency directly.

People with a STRONG BASIC DESIRE FOR SAVING are collectors. They may hate throwing things away and may be tight with money. Personality traits that may describe them include saver, accumulator, collector, hoarder, pack rat, and possibly frugal and thrifty.

People with a WEAK BASIC DESIRE FOR SAVING tend to use things and then dispose of them. Personality traits that may describe them include spendthrift, profligate, wasteful, and possibly extravagant.     

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