Family is the basic desire to raise one’s children and to spend time with siblings. It encompasses what is commonly called the maternal and paternal instincts. Satisfaction of this desire produces feelings of parental love, tenderness, and feeling needed.

Frustration of this desire produces feelings of unhappiness. This desire, which binds parent to child, is unrelated to the basic desire for honor, which binds child to parent.

This desire motivates people to value their family – including children, brothers, and sisters – and to be attentive to their family’s needs. It may prod people to support education, coach Little League, or serve as a Boy/Girl Scout leader.

People with a STRONG BASIC DESIRE FOR FAMILY want to have children and spend significant time raising them. Their children may be everything to them. Personality traits that may describe them include family person, family values, loving person, motherly (or fatherly), and perhaps nurturing.

People with a WEAK BASIC DESIRE FOR FAMILY consider the duties of parenthood to be burdensome. They may not want to become a parent.  If they have children, they may not spend much time raising them. Personality traits that may describe them are wants to be childless, noninvolved parent, and absentee parent.

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