Leadership with the Reiss Motivation Profile®

In the Reiss Motivation Profile®,the 16 life motives that drive us are put into concrete terms -this allows the personality of the individual employee to be recorded, described and taken into account. Managers can get to know their employees and themselves better.


The use of the Reiss Motivation Profile®in leadership development offers the following options, among others:

  • A scientifically based view of human personality through the lens of motivation. The individual personality becomes describable and capturable.
  • The executive gets to know himself better in his individuality -in his potentials and also stumbling blocks.
  • The possibility of recognizing, understanding and also learning to appreciate the driving force of lifemotives in others with whom we ourselves are not so familiar.
  • In the implementation of common goals, communication and cooperation can be made more effective and joyful on the basis of the Reiss Motivation Profile®.

And that finally leads us to probably one of the most essential requirements of successful leadership -self-reflection. The question of what does this have to do with me no longer leads to despair, but follows a single purpose -to become more effective together.

Recognizing and understanding your own personality with the Reiss Motivation Profile® online


The Reiss Motivation Profile®sheds light on the 16 life motivesthat determine our lives. They are deeply rooted in each of us and provide information about what drives and motivates us at our core.

  • Who am I?
  • What distinguishes my personality?
  • Why am I the way I am?
  • Why do I react like this in certain situations?
  • Why are some things so important to me and others not?

Find out who you are - with the Reiss Motivation Profile®.

Buy the Reiss Motivation Profile® and answer the 128 questions directly in the online questionnaire. An individual evaluation of your profile helps you discover and reflect on your life motives.

  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a scientifically based method.
  • Find out who you are and what drives you.
  • Make better decisions based on your intrinsic motivation.
  • Get to know yourself better and thereby live your individuality.
  • Achieve and increase fit with other people and your environment.

Reiss Motivation Profile®

The Reiss Motivation Profile® - dare to look beneath the surface of human behavior patterns with this personality test.

What is intrinsic motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is the inner motivation of each person that arises from him or herself.

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The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a test instrument for measuring human motivation. Take the personality test now.