The Reiss Motivation Profile® in the team

It is expected of every company, but implementation often leaves much to be desired: teamwork. It is expected that employees are willing to cooperate -across departments. Instead, the reality shows time and again mergers of individual departments that make cooperation impossible, produce conflicts and thus hinder important processes.


This is why employees are needed who are aware of the importance of effective communication and are willing to put it into practice. The Reiss Motivation Profile®offers a simple way to "train" employees in this respect.

Solving conflicts with trust

Many companies are at a loss. Huge amounts of money are spent on coaches who are supposed to bring employees together through games and joint projects. However, deep-seated conflicts are not solved here. Only a short-term harmony is created, which soon can no longer conceal the problems. Groups talk about each other and not with each other, or heated discussions and even personal attacks ensue -and then everything ends in chaos.

Learning to understand each other

Steven Reiss, psychologist and namesake of the Reiss Motivation Profile®, once said that humans are an intolerant species. Why?It is because we perceive our own personality structure as normal and consequently label other characters as abnormal. So we can say that we tend to be intolerant of our colleagues and other people when it comes to the motivesthat we have very strongly or very slightly. And this is exactly what can lead to major misunderstandings in teams. If colleague X has a low Social Contactmotive, for example, he may well feel offended by nicely intended jokes from colleague Y and react in an unfriendly manner.

Successful cooperation

The Reiss Motivation Profile® offers not only an effective but also time-saving tool for good teamwork. People who work with it learn that personality also means colorful diversity -and in a very effective way. They also learn that it benefits everyone iffunctioning cooperation can be ensured and trust can be built. Because this is where the key lies -in trusting each other. Furthermore, those who understand what the other person needs in order to be happy also manage to make others and themselves happy.

Recognizing and understanding your own personality with the Reiss Motivation Profile® online


The Reiss Motivation Profile®sheds light on the 16 life motivesthat determine our lives. They are deeply rooted in each of us and provide information about what drives and motivates us at our core.

  • Who am I?
  • What distinguishes my personality?
  • Why am I the way I am?
  • Why do I react like this in certain situations?
  • Why are some things so important to me and others not?

Find out who you are - with the Reiss Motivation Profile®.

Buy the Reiss Motivation Profile® and answer the 128 questions directly in the online questionnaire. An individual evaluation of your profile helps you discover and reflect on your life motives.

  • The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a scientifically based method.
  • Find out who you are and what drives you.
  • Make better decisions based on your intrinsic motivation.
  • Get to know yourself better and thereby live your individuality.
  • Achieve and increase fit with other people and your environment.

Reiss Motivation Profile®

The Reiss Motivation Profile® - dare to look beneath the surface of human behavior patterns with this personality test.

What is intrinsic motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is the inner motivation of each person that arises from him or herself.

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